Easy gym management

Ascendo helps you to integrate climbers’  feedback within your route-setting management and facility events.

A powerful support for your cllimbing centre’s daily management.


Quick and easy route-setting

Ascendo features allow you torecord and communicate new routes in only a few seconds.

Route rotation is extremely easy to manage through the accurate and extremely easy interface.



Climbers’ personalised training stats

With Ascendo, track your climbs, get your detailed stats, get notifications about new routes and share your experience.

A personal coach for your climbing training.




Get the app and start the experience in you closest climbing gym equipped with Ascendo.

Climbing Gyms

Special Offer : 3-month free trial ! Create an account to try Ascendo for free.

Initial Package
YEARLY COST: one yearly subscription to your gym

Route plan view
Route-setting management
Subscriptions management

(Ascendo costs you for a 12 months, what an adult climber would pay to access your gym in 12 months. Simple and fair.)

Standard Package
YEARLY COST: 14 months subscription to your gym 

Initial Package
Notifications to climbers
Social sharing
Advertising screens

Premium Package
YEARLY COST: 16 months subscription to your gym 

Standard Package
Training calendar & organization
Videos uploading
Customer Relationship Management : public profiles / climb preferences

After your 3-month trial period, choose between one of our 3 plans and find one tailored for you needs !

Current Ascendo users


"Ascendo - das moderne Feature für die Kletterhalle! Informiert mich als Kletterer über Neuigkeiten, stellt mir Routenlisten zusammen und bietet mir die Möglichkeit Rückmeldungen zu geben. Als Routenbauer profitiere ich vom einfachen Erfassen, Ändern und Löschen von Routen, einer umfassenden Datenbank sowie der automatischen Kundeninformation. Ascendo eröffnet mir neue Möglichkeiten - simpel, zeitgemäss und fortschrittlich!"

Kevin Hemund Magnet

"L’application Climbingym est devenue le compagnon idéal pour l’escalade dans les salles affiliées. Scanner les codes barre permet, en plus de connaître diverses informations sur l’ouverture des voies, de donner un feedback direct aux responsables des salles quant à la cotation et à la beauté de voies. Encourager votre salle préférée à utiliser l’application d’autant que cela leur facilitera aussi la vie (gestion des voies)."

Martin Rebetez Rocspot

"This modern and well developed app gives route-setters and climbinggym managers the best possible interface to check and analyse the evolution of their climbingroutes. On top of that, it gives the climbers an extra, interactive feature that makes their climbing experience even better. The possibilities are numerous: entering and analysing the routes by scanning the code, leaving a small feedback that helps the routesetters, creating your own climbing portfolio, etc... In short, "Climbingym" is the perfect application for any climbing centre who wants be at its best!"

Ruben Carpenthier Laniac

Dank Climbingym 'Training' kann ich jederzeit schauen ob sich jemand fürs Training abgemeldet hat und so das perfekte Training für die anwesenden Kids zusammenstellen. Ich kann ihnen Trainingspläne hochladen oder ihre Trainingsaufzeichnungen kontrollieren. Ohne grossen Aufwand kann ich die Trainingsorte und -zeiten schieben oder Infos bekannt geben und alle AthletInnen kriegen es einfach auf der Plattform mit. Dort können sie auch im Forum abmachen wer ein Seil mit ins Training nimmt oder Termine für ihre selbständigen Trainings suchen!

Michael Bühler Cheftrainer Regionalzentrum

Super outils pour gérer tout un club en pouvant faire intervenir parents et/ou enfants à travers divers événements créés. Informé en temps réel de toutes modifications, créations, informations commentaires ou autre, parfait... Web Master réactif rapidement en cas de problème, RAS.

Loic Gaidioz Chef entraîneur

Easy to use platform to manage, centralize and coordinate all my trainings and participation statuses of my athletes. With a quick look on my calendar I can see who will take part and adapt the training. I have everything from athlete - trainer communication to files and competition results in one place. It is therefore easy for me to follow athletes evolution and make more accurate training-plans.

Anaël Brülhart Entraîneur

Ascendo news

  • ASCENDO INTRODUCED BY ENTRE-PRISES AT THE OUTDOOR SHOW. The app, dedicated to indoor climbing professionals, will be on show at ENTRE-PRISES booth : B3-216 in Hall 3 from 18th to 21st June. We will be pleased to welcome you on our booth and introduce you with ASCENDO !        ‘With 965 exhibitors, a record, coming from 40 countries, the OutDoor Show is once again the ‘ideal orientation platform for this season’ according to Klaus Wellmann, the event manager. For more information, contact us: info@ascendoclimbing.ch

  • Some news in the latest release of the iOS and Web App that should motivate gym owners

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