App Gains Task Feature and Apple Wallet

Some news in the latest release of the iOS and Web App that should motivate gym owners… and climbers! Android will follow soon…

So? What’s new?


The purpose is for gym owners or work managers to prepare tasks like:

  • Create a new route/boulder
  • Unset route/boulder
  • Do any other job (like cleaning walls or holds)

The fun part is that a task is linked to either an existing route/boulder or to a template. Creating or Unsetting one, will automatically fill the fields correctly. Play with it!

Apple Wallet

Gyms can now use the great Apple Wallet (iOS only for now, Google has a similar process that will be implemented soon.) It is now simple for a climber without opening the Ascendo app to enter the gym. Forget your gym-card, just take your phone 🙂

Here an example how this would look like on your phone.