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Upload videos

Upload videos when you open a route and providing tips to climbers.

Save time

Record a route with your smartphone in only a few seconds.

Know your climbers

View your climbers’ level, frequency and feedback about the routes.

Be more creative

Get feedback from climbers about your routes. Challenge yourself to boost creativity on new routes !

Climbing gym management

Organise your team planning, get feedback on their work and manage their access codes.

Create events

Organise events through the app agendas, calendar and forum. Share them with climbers and get instant participation responses.

Manage routes rotation

Check the routes’ interest amongst climbers rate and the normal rotation date to organise your work very easily.

Route-setting planning

View the climbing gym routes plan, rotation and climbing visits.

Promote sponsors’ ads

Provide media space to your equipment partners and gain gym attraction.

Notify climbers

Send personalised messages to your climbers : new and soon-to-close routes, events, climbing gym news.

Available on App Store and Google Play !