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Get the app and start the experience in you closest gym equipped with Ascendo.

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Special Offer : 3-month free trial ! Create an account to try Ascendo for free.

After your 3-month trial period, choose between one of our 3 plans and find the one tailored for your needs.

Initial Package
YEARLY COST: one yearly subscription to your gym

Route plan view
Route-setting management
Subscriptions management

(Ascendo costs you for a 12 months, what an adult climber would pay to access your gym in 12 months. Simple and fair.)

Standard Package
YEARLY COST: 14 months subscription to your gym

Initial Package
Notifications to climbers
Social sharing
Advertising screens

Premium Package
YEARLY COST: 16 months subscription to your gym 

Standard Package
Training calendar & organization
Videos uploading
Customer Relationship Management : public profiles / climb preferences

Available on App Store and Google Play !